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TASS, founded in 1904, is one of the largest news agencies in Russia and worldwide. With almost 2,000 employees across more than 60 foreign and 70 Russian regional offices and bureaus, TASS is able to operate in real time. TASS produces a range of media and audiovisual products and services on sociopolitical, economic, international, scientific, cultural, sports and other topics in Russian and English. In 2020, the agency released over 2.4 million pieces of content. A rich library of references and unique photo archive allow news creators to accompany almost any item with illustrations, historical facts and comprehensive information within a short time frame. TASS holds thousands of press events and conferences each year with the participation of political leaders from Russia and abroad, representatives of major Russian and foreign companies, and figures from the worlds of culture, science and sports. At the end of 2020, TASS was ranked first among Russian news agencies for citations according to Medialogia.

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Industry Media Partners

Industrial Weekly

Industrial Weekly has been in circulation since 2002 and has become a cross-industry platform for Russian industrialists and government representatives. It is circulated throughout Russia. The aim of the publication is to present most promising projects in the Russian industrial and energy sector for national and international markets. Readers can sign up for an online subscription by contacting

The International magazine «Business Russia: industry, transport, social life»

International magazine "Business Russia: industry, transport, social life" covers a broad range of economic issues. It is an information platform for active and successful participants of the market. Among our readers are founders and managers of Russian companies and enterprises, heads of power structures. Magazine is published with circulation of 20 000 copies distributed directly by mail and represented at specialized exhibitions in Russia and abroad.

«Business of Russia. The main industrial portal of the country» 

Media «Business of Russia» is a unique online platform that unites all the most important, relevant and useful information on the functioning of key sectors of the Russian economy, effective business management strategies , investment projects. The focus of the website – oil and gas, power and industrial complex. The readers – entrepreneurs, investors, managers – all those who not only wants to receive timely accurate information about the business, but he creates a new economic reality.



Interfax is the biggest news group in the post-Soviet space, a recognized leader of the Russian B2B information market. Its story began in 1989, when Interfax, the country's first non-state news agency, was founded. Interfax news is the world's most cited source of the latest information about Russia and other countries located on the territory of the former USSR, and the most popular news feed on the Russian financial market. Interfax creates professional information systems that help companies operate on the financial and commodity markets, make investment decisions, manage risks, organize external communications, and comply with regulatory requirements. Interfax actively develops partnerships with leading global brands. Jointly with the international company Experian and Sberbank of Russia, Interfax founded the United Credit Bureau – the Russian credit information market leader. Data on foreign companies is provided by Interfax – Dun & Bradstreet JV, established by Interfax in partnership with Dun & Bradstreet, leader of the international information market.
Komsomolskaya Pravda

Komsomolskaya Pravda Media Group is the largest Russian multimedia holding. It comprises the Komsomolskaya Pravda daily and weekly newspapers, the KP.RU, and online portals, the Komsomolskaya Pravda national radio station and the Teleprogramma magazine. The Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper is available in over 450 cities across 85 Russian regions. Komsomolskaya Pravda digests are published in 45 countries worldwide. The KP.RU news portal is one of the top three Russian businesses by audience reach in the media and news sector. KP.RU receives over 4.5 million unique daily visitors. It is a three-time Runet Prize winner, including the 2020 Runet Prize in the Culture, Media and Mass Communications category. The Komsomolskaya Pravda radio station covers over 400 Russian cities. It won the Best News Radio Station Award twice, as well as the Best Business Radio Station Award.

Gazeta.Ru is the oldest online sociopolitical media outlet in the Russian internet space, founded in September 1999. It has a monthly audience of 40.6 million unique users. The publication occupies a leading media position in terms of audience engagement on social networks (1,884,000 Twitter followers, 615,000 Facebook likes, 147,000 VK subscribers). Gazeta.Ru is one of the five leaders in terms of citation among online media according to Medialogia. Gazeta.Ru uses all contemporary media formats including news, articles, interviews and author columns. As well as text-based articles, news stories are also presented as video clip reels and podcasts.

More is one of the most influential and cited internet media outlets in Russia. Established in September 1999, has consistently held a leading position in terms of audience numbers, with over 66 million visitors per month (more than 600 million views). Every day, presents news and materials in various formats on a wide range of topics: from economics and science to cinema and memes. The total number of subscribers of communities on social networks such as Facebook, VK, Twitter and Odnoklassniki as well as Telegram and TikTok exceeds 3 million people and is constantly growing.

The Secret of the Firm

The Secret of the Firm is a publication covering economics, finance and high technologies that promote business development in Russia and around the world. The magazine was founded in 2001 and has 3 million monthly readers.



EcoStandard.journal is an online media publication for health and safety professionals. The journal discusses best practices, interviews interesting industry figures, identifies successful case studies and advises on implementing them in various working environments, as well as uncovering problems that may be missed by other industry professionals, offering expert solutions. The publication’s goal is to help specialists solve everyday problems in their work, develop their skills and competencies, and boost the importance and prestige of the sector.
Social Security in Russia Journal

The magazine Social Security in Russia covers all relevant aspects in the field of social security of the population, federal policy issues in the field of social security, informs about federal programmes and innovative projects implemented in the regions and is a media platform for socially oriented non-profit organizations. Quarterly volume of 200–250 pages.


Print run 10,000.

Distributed at the federal, district, regional and municipal levels.

ELECTRIC POWER: Transmission and Distribution

ELECTRIC POWER: Transmission and Distribution is a magazine for power grid specialists. It is published with the support of Rosseti. The magazine is read by engineers and heads of major power companies, industry research institutes and Russian supervisory authorities. It is included in the list of peer-reviewed scientific publications approved by the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science and the Russian Science Citation Index bibliography database.


The magazine provides its customers with a full range of information services, including:

  • Publication of news and analytical articles in the magazine;
  • Prompt dispatch of email newsletters;
  • Organization of exhibitions and business events attended by leading experts;
  • Publication of specialist literature.