Badge collection

Badge collection

Accreditation badge

The Russian Labour Safety Week 2022 venue may only be accessed if you have an accreditation badge.

It is not necessary to undergo PCR testing or present a certificate of vaccination for access to the Forum venue.

If the epidemiological situation deteriorates, additional restrictions and rules for access to the event venue may be introduced. Please follow the news on the official Russian Labour Safety Week website and email newsletters.

In order to avoid any inconvenience when accessing the venue, participants are advised to leave any items prohibited at the Week venue at their accommodation or in their vehicle.

A full list of items prohibited at the Week venue

Participants must have their badges and identity documents with them at the Week venue at all times.

The badge is personalized and may not be transferred to third parties.

If the accreditation badge is lost or damaged, please go to the Help Desk or any accreditation stand. The lost badge will be blocked and a duplicate will be issued at the written request of the badge holder.

Before obtaining a badge, please make sure that conditions 1–4 in the diagram below have been observed:

Scan of passport and photo

In order to expedite the procedure for issuing a badge, please upload a scan of their passport (pages containing photo and ID info) in the 'My events – Russian Labour Safety Week 2022 – Event dashboard – Personal information' section of the Roscongress personal account.

Please ensure that scans are legible and contain all the information entered during registration, including passport number and serial number (if applicable), passport issuing authority, date of issue, and photograph.

Photograph requirements:

  • colour photograph on a light background;
  • 480x640 pixels in size;
  • image format – JPG or JPEG;
  • front view of the participant’s entire face, without head covering;
  • subject’s face must take up at least 70% of the image.

How to find out if your badge is ready

There are several ways to find out or be notified when a participant badge is ready:

* Russian Labour Safety Week information centre:
+7 (495) 640 7827

** The contact information can be found in the Roscongress personal account. The specialist’s contact information can also be confirmed by calling the Week information centre.

How to collect your badge

Participant accreditation badges may be collected in person by presenting:

If there have been any changes to a participant’s ID since the application was completed, their personal data needs to be updated in the Roscongress personal account accordingly. If changes need to be made to fields that cannot be edited, a participant should inform Russian Labour Safety Week organizers via their specialist at the Roscongress Foundation.

Before issuing a badge, an accreditation point attendant will make sure that the data specified in the application form corresponds to the ID document. In the event of any discrepancies, it will not be possible to issue a badge the same day.

How to collect a badge by authorized third party

If a participant’s badge is collected by a third party using a power of attorney, the authorized person must present the following:

Power of attorney form and personal data consent form

A power of attorney form on behalf of legal entity:
A power of attorney form to collect participant accreditation badges
Example of completed power of attorney form to collect participant accreditation badges

The power of attorney is not valid without a list of all participants to be accredited, copies of their passports, and original personal data consent forms. Copies of passports will be returned once badges have been issued.

A personal data consent form

Accreditation points

To avoid queues and other inconveniences when entering the Russian Safety Week venue, please pick up your badge in advance at the accreditation point in Moscow. The accreditation point is open starting 22 September.

On 24 September, an accreditation point will open near the Russian Safety Week venue. Starting from 10:00 on 26 September, a free shuttle will run between the hotels and the venue so that participants and media representatives can pick up their badges in advance.


Point Address Date Time
Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Russian Federation 15, Ulitsa Il’inka 22 September 10:00–19:00
23 September 09:00–19:00
26-27 September


Point Address Date Time
Checkpoint 1, Sirius Park of Science and Art 1, Olimpiysky Prospekt 24–25 September 10:00–20:00
26 September 10:00–22:00
27 September 07:30–19:00
28 September 08:00–19:00
29-30 September 08:00–18:00

For additional information, please contact the Russian Labour Safety Week information centre:
+7 (495) 640 7827